Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

TERRA’s Geographic Information System (GIS) department is used as a standalone service, or in many cases, as a supplemental service to our geotechnical, civil / site engineering, and land surveying departments.  TERRA uses its GIS capabilities to help our clients, including land developers, utility companies and municipalities, capture and collect data specific to their needs and project tasks.

TERRA takes the data collected and organizes and stores it for future use and collaboration with our client.  By taking the data and displaying it on user-defined maps and diagrams, we enable our clients to easily see, analyze, and determine patterns and relationships within the collected information.  TERRA can also incorporate GIS services into producing site layout concepts, renderings, and engineering diagrams to assist the other departments within TERRA as they produce products that meet all client needs.

The TERRA GIS department offers clients:

  • Mapping
  • Data Compilation & Storage
  • Utility Appurtenances and Sewer Structure Inventories
  • Sign Inventories
  • Pavement Assessment Diagrams
  • Site Layout Exhibits and Renderings
  • Data integration for Geotechnical & Site/Civil Engineering